Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Unexpected Guest

Ok, this is how my evening is going....took a nice hot bath and got all out of bath in towel and almost stepped on a garter snake that Lazette was proudly herding in my direction. I didn't want her to hurt it (she was being most gentle with it), so I grabbed a wash cloth (losing my towel in the meantime) and was standing in the hallway butt naked holding a snake! It was not my most attractive moment!

I threw on my robe while clutching the wriggling snake and let him go in the front yard. If he is smart he will stay away from the back yard! My question is, How do I explain to Lazette that she is not allowed to have her pets inside?

Oh, and there will be no pictures to post!

Sometimes you just have to stop and visualize how ridiculous you look and have a good hearty laugh!
At least, I am not afraid of snakes!