Friday, May 15, 2015

Papa Truman

I've never really known someone,
So comfortable within their skin;
You have a knack for having fun,
I'm so lucky we are kin.

Your eyes have always twinkled,
Your mischief shines right through;
And though in time we wrinkle,
That twinkle still is you.

From dances at the Casino,
Or hauling water from the spring;
From Banana parties and lots of snow,
We never knew what joys you'd bring.

In Cowboy hat or Santa's clothes,
Before or after your tattoo;
The love we have for you just grows,
Your sincerity shines through.

You've been our ray of sunshine,
And rock to lean upon;
Don't you think for a moment,
We don't cherish what you've done.

You have quietly supported,
Your grandchildren's many ventures;
Their dreams might have been aborted,
Without your good intentions.

You never say a word,
 About the good you do;
But there is a little bird,
That sings praises just for you.

That twinkle that we see,
Comes from deep inside of you;
And it can only be,
Your "Goodness" shining through!
                                                                                       Lynn 2005

Friday, March 13, 2015

Pieces of Me

Forever there will be,
The many pieces I call me;
As the pendulum swings faster,
The more I wish to savor.

To fill my soul with music,
Let it soar with Mozart and Vivaldi;
And forever there will be,
The many pieces I call, me.

To drink of the sky so blue,
And bask on the sands of time,
These pieces that are me,
Forever there will be.

A life in the music of masters,
An essence of dulcimers and flutes;
Here find the pieces of me,
For forever, that's where I'll be!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Who Rides The Toy Horses: Searching for me

Who Rides The Toy Horses: Searching for me: Somewhere in the misty morn, Lies the answer to my dreams;  In the silence of the waking dawn, Vague images are seen. The haz...

Searching for me

Somewhere in the misty morn,
Lies the answer to my dreams; 
In the silence of the waking dawn,
Vague images are seen.

The haze upon the mountain lifts,
Like the clouds before my eyes;
And the dew that once the treetops kissed,
Dries as tears that have been cried.

But here am I, searching for me,
Drifting on the summer breeze;
Lost on some strange sea.

Born with each new ray of light,
Are hopes that have begun;
As warmth upon the summer breeze,
Into life they bring the sun.

Where does the  bluebird go at night?
Why do rainbows follow rain?
Why does laughter come with happiness?
And crying with the pain?

Here am I, searching for me,
Drifting on the summer breeze;
Lost on some strange sea.

Who holds the answers that I seek,
Where do I go from here;
Why must the nights be, oh so long/ 
What is this thing I fear?

Is there someone there for me? 
Or must I walk alone?
Where did my sunshine disappear?
And when will it come home?

Here and am I, Searching for me,
Drifting on the summer breeze;
Lost on some strange sea.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Precious Gift

To poor to give a present,
Oh no, I say, not I;
I gathered up the sunrise,
To put sparkle in your eyes.

To you I give the Springtime,
And flowers in their bloom;
To fill your heart with warmth,
On a wispy afternoon.

To you I give the smiles,
On all our children's faces;
To carry in your heart;
Like many soft embraces.

I give to you a stream,
And basking in the sun;
A campfire in the pines,
To share when day is done.

A gift of summer sunshine,
To melt the chills of age;
A hand to hold in evenings,
 And love written on life's pages.

If I were rich as Kings,
I could not give you more;
Then children, love, companionship,
A present not so poor!


Although you're just a piece of wax,
A stem ablaze with light;
You treat my heart to days gone by;
A midst this quiet night.

The flames grow tall, as so do dreams;
You give your all or so it seems.

Although you are but made of wax,
Your flame of life burns bright;
Memories adorn the hours,
On this most silent night.

A wisp of smoke, a flicker and a gleam,
You lend your all to the building of dreams.

Although you are but made of wax,
You bring to life my thinking back.


If only it were written,
That I were as soft as a kitten;
I'd lie so close and never stir,
I'd steal all tenderness and purr.

I'd drink my fill of love and touch,
And wallow in that love so much;
If I got close, I'd never stir;
Should someone hold me, I would purr.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Pool of Life

When once a pool deep and full, 
Now only muddy puddles remain;
 Once waters teaming with life,
Are shallows emotionally drained.

The struggle that's life still goes on,
But in waters too murky to see;
Circling round with no clear direction; 
 As separated from the main sea.

Will the last little puddle go dry?
Or the fragile balance be maintained?
Dreams and life's lines hardened in clay,
Erased in a torrent of rain.

Such are the lines of my life,
Lost in a flood of salt tears;
Leaving new clay, soft to be molded;
Free from traces of yesterday's years.

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Walk with me on a mountain path,
Do not hold my hand;
For its touch is just the physical,
And the physical is but fleeting.

Sit with me and sense the view,
No, do not hold me;
Know the warmth of the sun,
The vastness of the moment and the sky.

Breathe deeply and feel the air;
No kiss is needed;
Share my silence and my thoughts,
They are but the whispers of the wind.

Drift into my eyes,
See my soul, it's yours;
Join me in spirit, meet me in thought,
Touches more lasting then a kiss.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Past Loves

Pictures given up to scrapbooks,
Letters stored in boxes or drawers;
A dried flower, petals tattered,
Mementos of memories shared.

All in neat compartments,
Folded away in our mind's corners;
Hidden, viewed at whim,
Wrapped securely in melancholy.

A scent, a song, a place,
Gives life to old emotions;
Regret, sadness, warmth, pain;
A tenderness, as yet not healed. 

Long Winding Road

Where are the sprites,the muses and fairies,
That watch over me?
Where is the angel who protects me;
From things I cannot see?

These are the times when I am the lowest,
That I hold on fiercely with faith;
I will not stop believing,
And I will keep my values safe.

I know I'm not alone,
Yet there is silence in my night;
And I whisper a prayer,
That all will turn out right.

There have been so many clouds,
In this life of mine to date;
But there is always a silver lining,
If I am patient and I wait.

In the darkness of my emotions,
Comes the strength that I have known;
Once again I am uplifted,
Once again, it seems I've grown.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

For Those Who Need A Miracle

Some have trod the wintry path,
Down by the water's edge;
And walked upon the frozen snow,
That makes itself a ledge.

Some have caught the creeping fog,
As it rises from the lake;
In the crispy hours of dawn,
Before the city comes awake.

Some have glimpsed the mountains,
Frosted in winter icing;
And shuffled through the snow,
So soft and so enticing.

Some have heard the silence,
Upon a wintry stroll;
And seen ice broken branches,
As winter takes its toll.

For those who've felt this season,
And the beauty that it brings,
Have witnessed but a miracle,
When Winter turns to Spring!



Did I ever say, I love you,
When the days were long,
And our patience short?

Did I ever say, I love you,
When you worked so hard,
And loneliness was all I saw?

Did I ever say, I love you,
For good times, memories of the past,
Blocked by the tears of the present?

The times I wanted to be close,
And wanted just to hear; 
But you never said, "I love  you".



Sometimes they fall at will,
Their will, not mine;
Or sometimes something stirs my thoughts,
And they need no other sign.

Once, I vowed no tears would fall,
I'd hardened up my heart,
But now that you have passed away,
I've seemed to come apart.

For years, we played our roles so well,
Evasiveness versus sparring;
And now it seems, I miss even that,
Despite the telltale scarring.

It seems so very long ago,
Yet, just like yesterday;
When sorrow came to be my partner,
And share the hours of my day.

I cannot think about the future,
There's no retirement in sight;
Just working hard throughout the day,
So I can sleep at night.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Essence of Me

I am here in the sunrise,
Footsteps upon the mist of the lawn;
See me in morning's pale skies,
As your cheeks are caressed by the dawn.

I am here in the bird's song,
A voice that whispers to you;
For that is where I belong,
In the light of a new morning's dew.

I am here in the warmth of sunlight,
Wrapped in soft summer breeze;
Or touch me in the twilight,
Light beams upon the waves of the seas.

I am here in the winds of March air,
Kisses cold against your face;
Arms that surround you with care,
In an awakening spring like embrace.

I am here by the fireside,
In the silence of the night;
Or see me dance on the tide,
When the moonlight is just right.

I am here in the depths of sadness,
When your tears so eagerly flow,
Or in the laughter of your gladness,
I am that special warm glow.

I will be here with you ever,
Though in time I must depart;
But in soft memories, forever,
I'll live on within your heart.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Out of Darkness

Winter's icy touch has made this night stand still,
With just the sound of hail upon the roof and sill;
The houses stand dark, quiet as the past,
When lanterns and candles, their shadows did cast.

With a snap of frozen branches, nature is in power,
Despite all man's inventions, there is darkness by the hour;
One by one, I light the lamps and adjust the wicks,
Performing ancient rituals that made grandma's life so rich.

The silence of the snow, the crackling of the fire,
And kettle on the wood stove, is all that we require.
To bring to light a simpler life,
Of values born of strife.

With hardship, came the bond of sharing,
Tasks that brought families closeness and caring;
Memories of working side by side together,
That nature now reminds us, lest we forget forever.

Thank goodness for the holidays and helping one another,
For these are but the blessings, we have yet to discover;
It is good to be reminded, how fragile we are as one;
And count our many blessings, each night when day is done.

                                                                Poetry of Nana Lynn

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


The Sandman's come my sleepyhead,
As Mommy tucks you snug in bed;
Today's been long, with play so hard,
So dream your dreams while angels guard.

Your dollies watch from across the room,
While mommy takes your red balloon;
You clasped it tightly in your arms,
While Mr. Sandman wove magic charms.

You cannot take it where you go,
Balloons can't dream like you, you know;
You look so big just lying there,
With blanket clutched and mussed up hair.

You're growing even while you sleep,
Leaving precious memories for me to keep!

You look so peaceful lying there,
with turned up nose and not a care;
You jump a little with a start,
Whoops, better watch your step, sweetheart.

I want to keep you safe from harm,
Nestled gently in my loving arms;
But in your dreams you're all alone,
So very far away from home.

So dream your dreams of baking cakes,
Making mud-pies, oh, what tummy aches;
Should you awake in frightened tears,
I'll chase away your childhood fears.

You look so helpless, but I know,
You fight off dragons and you grow;
It brings me sadness and great pride,
That someday waking, you'll be a bride.

The days are turning into years,
You'll have to comfort Mommy's tears;
I watch you growing, while you sleep,
Leaving precious memories for me to keep!

                                                                                           Dedicated to my daughter 1980
                                                                                            Poetry of Nana Lynn

Monday, January 5, 2015

Tender Touches

I heard a song of sadness,
Upon the wind tonight;
The mournful tune of branches,
In the icy void of light.

I thought I heard you whisper,
As I awakened from a dream;
But it was just the winter wind,
Sneaking past my window screen.

And yet, I felt your hand,
Brush the hair from across my face;
But when my eyes were opened,
There was no one to embrace.

So I listened to the wind,
And pretended you were there;
Letting winter's icy breeze,
Run it's fingers through my hair.

                                                             The Poetry of Nana Lynn

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Our Songs

Music played too loud,
In a room dimly lighted;
Words sung by memory, 
Feelings fully ignited.

Caught in the rhythmic beat,
Memories reach for release;
Through eyes filled with tears,
Freed emotions now increase.

Tucked away in the lyrics,
The ebb and flow of my life;
It's where I've filed away the pain,
It's how I've dealt with strife.

Now, in music played too loud,
I retrieve all I've felt before;
Taken to live now with me,
Until I can feel no more.

                                                  From the, "Poetry of Nana Lynn (me)


I used some of the money to turn his spider infested garage into this beautiful game room. I hired a contractor and Sandor and I planned everything down to the last detail: Built in bookcases, an alcove style wood stove, huge handmade walnut game table that seats 12, all the old family photos in antique frames and my Dad's beautiful bar. It was a labor of love and even has a hidden door in the bookcase that leads to just pull a candlestick and the bookcase swings open!
Four huge windows look out onto a greenbelt. There are always family events taking place with such a large family!

For my next project, I tore apart the front yard and paver by paver made this beautiful patio. It took me all summer but it was well worth it. Next summer, I will work on the back yard!

 I visit my 92 yr. old father in law about 12 hours or more a week and have since March. He was moved from Boise to a Memory Care Unit here and Sandor and I have the main responsibility for him. It seems I do more now then when I was working! And so goes my retirement!