Friday, May 15, 2015

Papa Truman

I've never really known someone,
So comfortable within their skin;
You have a knack for having fun,
I'm so lucky we are kin.

Your eyes have always twinkled,
Your mischief shines right through;
And though in time we wrinkle,
That twinkle still is you.

From dances at the Casino,
Or hauling water from the spring;
From Banana parties and lots of snow,
We never knew what joys you'd bring.

In Cowboy hat or Santa's clothes,
Before or after your tattoo;
The love we have for you just grows,
Your sincerity shines through.

You've been our ray of sunshine,
And rock to lean upon;
Don't you think for a moment,
We don't cherish what you've done.

You have quietly supported,
Your grandchildren's many ventures;
Their dreams might have been aborted,
Without your good intentions.

You never say a word,
 About the good you do;
But there is a little bird,
That sings praises just for you.

That twinkle that we see,
Comes from deep inside of you;
And it can only be,
Your "Goodness" shining through!
                                                                                       Lynn 2005